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Reiki Sessions with Shauna

Do you need to release energetic blocks and feel a deeper sense of lightness and clarity? Wanting to reduce stress, relax deeply, and feel more centered? Then a Reiki Session with Shauna may be just what you your session today!

Reiki Sessions are done fully clothed laying on a massage table covered lightly with a blanket. Using gentle touch from the hands of the practitioner, Universal Energy is moved through the body exactly where it is needed to serve the Highest good of the receiver, promoting healing on the physical and energetic levels.


$110 for 2 SESSIONS (both sessions must be used within 1 month, recommended, especially if this is your first reiki treatment)

Where experience meets Light and Love! Allow yourself to be energetically held...

Shauna is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher with 1,000+ hours of teaching experience, Level 3 Usui Reiki practitioner, New Paradigm Basic Master, Spiritual teacher, Lightworker, & Loving spirit. She'll be using reiki, crystals, guided meditation and essential oils as needed throughout each session to best serve your individual needs.


Shauna is a TRUE intuitive healer whose work comes from the heart!  As someone who has had some medical scares and a feeling of unalignment with my daily work-life this past year, I felt all the "garbage" and mental/physical stress ebb, flow, and move right through me during my sessions...and replaced with deep waves of peace and lightness. Even several days until up to a week later, I felt unusually in touch with my intuition and "cleared" inside and out as though I did a detox! ~Hannah

I felt safe and supported from the moment I walked in and met Shauna. I've never had a Reiki session before, but felt comfortable and was able to relax during the entire session. Afterwards, I was the most relaxed that I've probably ever been and felt a real lightness in my being, clear. I would definitely recommend a Reiki session with Shauna and plan to make this a regular part of my self-care. ~Katie